Early booking

Early booking discounts

Please sit back and relax, we are announcing early booking of our services and now would like to tell you more about how it actually works.

We were inspired by the idea of selling airline tickets, because in this area everything works seamlessly simply: the earlier you book, the less you pay. Thus, we to some extent sell tickets to take your real estate marketing off in advance and at a discount. Below we give the answers to the questions that we encounter most often.

How much is the discount for an early booking?

The maximum period of early booking is 3 months, and your discount will be 30%.

How can I make sure that my task is not lost and that Oak3D will proceed to it exactly on the agreed time?

We have developed several preliminary documents, which accurately stipulate all the provisions, including strictly fixing the terms for the beginning and completion of cooperation. You can call us at +41 79 565 61 19 or drop us a line via info@oak-3d.com and we will tell you all the details.

Why do I (my company) need this?

Such a system encourages the setting of terms and scheduling for both the customer and the performer. A well-planned project, which takes into account all the details is a guarantee of well timed delivery of the result. This is a guarantee of calm cooperation and results exceeding expectations. That is, CGIs that will most fully reflect all your ideas, and will become an ideal sales tool for your projects. You have time to prepare all the materials, develop concepts and ideas, and reduce the probability of multiple iterations to nearly zero.